Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds: Six-Membered

Content material:
Chapter I Azanaphthacenes (pages 3–56): Eleanor R. Wabster
Chapter II Azabenz[a]Anthracenes (pages 57–132): Jean V. Crawford and Eleanor R. Wabster
Chapter III Azabenzo[c]Phenanthrenes (pages 133–149): Eleanor R. Wabster
Chapter IV Azachrysenes (pages 151–183): Jean V. Crawford
Chapter V Azatriphenylenes (pages 185–199): Jean V. Crawford
Chapter VI Azabenzanthrenes (pages 201–293): C. F. H. Allen, D. M. Burness and F. W. Spangler
Chapter VII Azapyrenes (pages 295–310): Eleanor R. Webster

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3-b1phenazine. Quinolinophenazine. I. 2654 m Cohen and Crabtree64 first synthesized a triazanaphthacene during their work on the structure and color of the Azine Scarlets, which are phenazine derivatives such as I. They prepared a number of phenazine compounds of this type to determine the effect of ring and amino group Azim scarkt G I substituents on the color of the dyes formed. Among them was a triazanaphthacene derivative, the methochloride of 9-amino-1,8dimethyl1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-l,6,1l-triazanaphthacene (IV).

This compound, on hydrolysis with sodium ethoxide, gives a n acid which melts with decomposition a t 206-207', while the acid obtained by the Indian workers melts at 198'. Treatment with phosphoryl chloride regenerates the basic condensation product from which two compounds result on oxidation with alkaline permanganate. Hence, it was concluded that the two compounds were indolo[2, l-bjquinazoline-6,12-dione (XLI) and 4-keto-3-(o-carbxyphenyl)-3,4-dihydroquinazoline (XLII) which would be formed by the oxidation of a compound of structure XXXVIII but not from XXXVI or XXXVII.

Sol. 0; yellow H + and OH- O; m. 271 no vat m. 241'; diff. , green F1 ether; no vat m. >400°; diff. 1 2-Dihydm6,6a,7,8,9,1OY10a,l1-Octahydro6,ll -Dichloro- 5,12-Diazanaphthacenes : hydm-12-k~toDimcthyl derivative of LIII 44 5-A'-Methyld-(2'

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