Calculus I by Dawkins P.

By Dawkins P.

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As usual for these notes we’ll use the positive one. 0689 + 2π n n = 0, ±1, ±2, Now, we still need to find the actual values of x that are the solutions. These are found in the same manner as all the problems above. We’ll first add 1 to both sides and then divide by 2. 5345 + π n = n = 0, ±1, ±2, So, in this example we saw an argument that was a little different from those seen previously, but not all that different when it comes to working the problems so don’t get too excited about it. aspx Calculus I We now need to move into a different type of trig equation.

Example 2 Solve −10 cos ( 3 t ) = Solution Okay, let’s first get the inverse cosine portion of this problem taken care of. 3462  10  Don’t forget that we still need the “3”! Now, let’s look at a quick unit circle for this problem. 3462 radians is in the second quadrant and the other angle that we need is in the third quadrant. We can find this second angle in exactly the same way we did in the previous example. 9370 . As with the previous example we’ll use the positive choice, but that is purely a matter of preference.

Aspx Calculus I Review : Logarithm Functions In this section we’ll take a look at a function that is related to the exponential functions we looked at in the last section. We will look logarithms in this section. Logarithms are one of the functions that students fear the most. The main reason for this seems to be that they simply have never really had to work with them. Once they start working with them, students come to realize that they aren’t as bad as they first thought. We’ll start with b > 0 , b ≠ 1 just as we did in the last section.

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