Bronchitis by Ignacio Martín-Loeches

By Ignacio Martín-Loeches

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Bacterial Killing Induces Inflammatory Cell migration Intra-cellular : bactericidal following engulfment of organisms in phagosome Extra cellular: Targeting and cleaving bacterial virulence factors in released granule proteins NE/alpha 1 antitrypsin complexes are chemotactic for neutrophils Modification of ICAM1 expression enhancing adhesion Degradation by proteolysis Degrades all components of Extracellular Matrix Degrades Cystatin C Degrades inhibitors of proteinases Cleaves T Lymphocyte surface antigen Activation of proteinases by post-transcriptional modifications Activates proteinases including MMP-2, MMP-3, MMP-9, and Cathepsin B Modification of inflammatory mediators, enhancing inflammation Enhances epithelial secretion of IL8 Enhances macrophage secretion of LTB4 Inhibits cellular response to inhibitors of inflammatory mediators, for example, TNFsR1 Prolongs the half life of inflammatory mediators including TNF Increases alpha1-AT expression by monocytes and alveolar macrophages Enhances Cell Apoptosis Increases epithelial and endothelial cell apoptosis Alteration of Cell function Disruption and detachment of epithelial cells Reduces ciliary beating of columnar epithelium Enhances oxidative stress Increases mucin production Increases bacterial adherence and colonisation on the epithelium Table 1.

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