Biological Evolution and Statistical Physics by Yi-Kuo Yu, Ralf Bundschuh, Terence Hwa (auth.), Michael

By Yi-Kuo Yu, Ralf Bundschuh, Terence Hwa (auth.), Michael Lässig, Angelo Valleriani (eds.)

This set of lecture notes provides a primary coherent account of a singular point of the dwelling global that may be referred to as organic info. The e-book offers either a pedagogical and state-of-the paintings roadmap of this speedily evolving zone and covers the total box, from info that is encoded within the molecular genetic code to the outline of large-scale evolution of advanced species networks. The e-book will turn out worthwhile for all those that paintings on the interface of biology, physics and knowledge science.

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Unfortunately, “biologically similar” is a vague notion. It would be useful to make this notion concrete, for approximation algorithms are only meaningful if we understand the behavior of the cost function in the neighborhood of the optimal solution. What mathematical properties does a cost function require in order to exhibit smoothness? Under tree alignment, for example, it is not generally true that MSA’s with similar scores have similar biological interpretation, since it is possible for many different trees to have the same parsimony score.

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