Apes and Human Evolution by Russell H. Tuttle

By Russell H. Tuttle

In this masterwork, Russell H. Tuttle synthesizes an unlimited learn literature in primate evolution and behaviour to provide an explanation for how apes and people developed on the subject of each other, and why people grew to become a bipedal, tool-making, culture-inventing species particular from different hominoids. alongside the best way, he refutes the influential conception that males are basically killer apes--sophisticated yet instinctively competitive and harmful beings.

Situating people in a huge context, Tuttle musters convincing facts from morphology and up to date fossil discoveries to bare what early primates ate, the place they slept, how they discovered to stroll upright, how mind and hand anatomy advanced at the same time, and what else occurred evolutionarily to reason people to diverge from their closest relations. regardless of our genomic similarities with bonobos, chimpanzees, and gorillas, people are certain between primates in occupying a symbolic area of interest of values and ideology in line with symbolically mediated cognitive procedures. even supposing apes show behaviors that strongly recommend they could imagine, salient components of human culture--speech, mating proscriptions, kinship constructions, and ethical codes--are symbolic platforms that aren't take place in ape niches.

This encyclopedic quantity is either a milestone in primatological study and a critique of what's identified and but to be stumbled on approximately human and ape potential.

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D) Colobine multichambered stomach. • Dorsoventrally flattened chest. • Recurved ribs. • Long collar bones and mobile shoulders. • Shoulder blades on the dorsal chest wall. 6. Pronograde monkey and human illustrating how the shape of the thorax and the length of clavicles position the scapulae on the sides of the thorax in pronograde monkeys and on the back of the thorax in humans (and apes). Consequently, the glenoid fossae in monkeys articulate atop the humeri, while hominoid glenoid fossae face laterally or cranially.

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Tuanan Field Station 39. Mawas Reserve Hylobates agilis x H. muelleri 14. Barito Ulu (18) Pongo abelii Hylobates klossi 40. Suaq Balimbing, Gunung Leuser NP 41. Ketambe Research Station, Gunung Leuser NP (9)(22) 15. Sirimuri, Siberut Hylobates muelleri 16. West Kalimantan 17. Kutai NP (36) Hylobates mulleri mulleri 18. Barito Ulu (14) Symphalangus syndactylus 19. Kuala Lompat (7) 20. Bukit Barisan Selatan NP (12) 21. Way Canguk (13) 22. 1. Gibbon and orangutan study sites 28 25 27 38 t e r m i n o l o g y, m o r p h o l o g y, g e n e s , a n d l o t s o f f o s s i l s There are four basic coat conditions among the Hylobatidae: monochromatism, polychromatism, asexual dichromatism, and sexual dichromatism (Plates 1 and 2).

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