An atlas of human gametes and conceptuses : an illustrated by Lucinda L. Veeck

By Lucinda L. Veeck

content material: Foreword Preface Acknowledgements A evaluate OF HUMAN GAMETES AND CONCEPTUSES Gamete Maturation The Human Oocyte The Human Spermatozoon The Sperm-Penetrated Human Oocyte The Cleaving Human Preembryo Preembryo Grading and measure of Cytoplasmic Fragmentation Preembryos being able to Implant irregular Morphology of the Human Oocyte and Conceptus Cryopreservation Assisted Fertilization by way of Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) Assisted Hatching and Fragment removing Preimplantation Genetic analysis (PGD) Epilogue Appendix HUMAN GAMETES AND CONCEPTUSES ILLUSTRATED Index. ISBN: 1-85070-016-8 216 pages (Hardback) colour illustrated 98-26503 released: April 1999 $149.95 / GBP100

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Round- 1993 headed human spermatozoa. Fertil Steril I976;27:685 17. Zam boni L. Sperm u ltra stru ctu ra l pathology and in fe rtility. In: Gondos B, Riddick D H , eds. Pathology 29. F lo rke -G e rlo ff S, Topfer-Petersen E, M uller-Esterl o f Infertility. Clinical Correlations in the M ale and Female. W . Biochemical and genetic investigation o f round- N e w Y o rk: Thiem e Medical Publishers, 1987:353 headed sperm atozoa in infertile men, including tw o b ro th e rs and th e ir father. Andrologia 1984; 16:187 18.

N e w Y o rk: Raven w ith re sp ira to ry disease. Am Rev Respir Dis 1982; Press, 199I;75:8I5 126:302 34. Fawcett D W , Phillips DM . The fine s tru ctu re and 39. Jouannet P, Escalier D, Serres C. M o tility o f human developm ent o f the neck region o f the mammalian sperm w ith o u t o u te r dynein arms. J Submicrosc Cyto sperm atozoon. Anat Rec 1969; 16 5 :153 I983;II5:67 4 T h e sperm -penetrated hum an oocyte Process o f fe rtiliza tio n calcium levels rise in the oocyte. C ortical granule exocytosis from the ooplasm ic periphery causes a H um an fertilization begins w hen a sperm atozoon, chem ical alteration o f the zona pellucida w hich w ith its haploid num ber o f ch rom osom es, passes generally ren ders it im p erm eable to oth er sperm .

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