A Blueprint. Corporate Governance by Fred R. Kaen

By Fred R. Kaen

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The financial manager relies on the firm’s accountant to provide this information in a systematic and organized fashion. In this role, known as financial accounting, the accountant supports the financial manager by identifying relevant data related to the activities of the firm, then presenting the data in an agreed-on and standardized manner, known as generally accepted accounting practices. The accountant communicates this information not only internally to managers but also externally to shareholders, lenders, analysts, and other interested parties.

For example, there may be trade-offs between one success factor of proving goods at low prices and another success factor of providing quick delivery. The ultimate strategy of a particular firm will determine which key success factors it should emphasize and attempt to achieve. The chosen strategy will, in turn, have important financial implications. 1 Industry Life Cycles The starting point for any industry analysis is the definition of a particular industry. Industries can be categorized based on the type of product or service they offer, or instead on the particular market segment their product or service is directed toward.

In the United States, we tend to think of government securities as “risk-free” from the perspective of the borrower, given that the government has never defaulted on its obligations and has the ability to pay back debts and interest through increased taxes, reduced spending, or essentially printing money, which has the undesirable side effect of creating inflation. (Not all government debt is risk-free, however. ) On the other hand, corporations are viewed as riskier borrowers than the government.

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