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Attention Sachem East & North Students!

Wonder what it’s like to be on the radio, work as a news reporter, sports broadcaster, or be a TV or radio show host? Your in luck! Sachem has a Class and a radio station for Sachem students who are in eleventh and twelfth grade. If your interested in doing something that is fun and unique, READ ON!

Sachem High School students who take the class will enter the world of reporting and producing news, and create show content for our school radio station, WSHR. Many of our former broadcast students who took our Broadcast class go on to college, and in some cases – go directly to work for radio, TV stations. We also have Sachem Alumni who work for, publishing houses, advertising agencies, and public relations firms just to name a few. Our WSHR alumni work as reporters, correspondent’s, anchor’s, director’s, voice narrators, writer’s, research director’s, producers, audio engineers or production assistants.

If you’re interested in learning about this exciting field, or you are looking to become a broadcast professional consider taking our Broadcast Journalism class!


Speak to your guidance counselor or English teacher to see if you qualify.

Currently our broadcast class is only offered to sachem juniors and seniors.

If your a freshman, or sophomore make the best of your High School experience! Knowledge is power!

  • Take advantage of English class to sharpen your writing skills. (AP English is recommended but not required.)
  • Sign up for speech class or join your school’s debate team or leadership club.
  • Pay attention in social studies class and read the newspaper. Announcers need to stay informed. (AP U.S. Government and Politics is a good option, but not required.)
  • Turn off cell phone and stop the texting! Learn how to verbally communicate with others to build good communications and journalism skills.
  • Act, dance, and sing in high school theater productions and perform with local theater groups.
  • Take computer application classes that touch on web design and social media.

If you need further information or details about our school radio station, please feel free to contact Mr. Laura via email at:


Live the dream and become a part of the Sachem tradition!