About Us


 WSHR still Keeps Sachem tradition alive!

Our Sachem radio station serves the Long Island community in a very unique and special way!

WSHR serves the Long Island area and is owned by Sachem Central School District. WSHR has operated with assistance from a grant by the U.S. Department of Education since the 1960s. What started first as an educational radio station to promote cutting edge technology, and the change from AM to FM, WSHR quickly developed in to one of the nation’s greatest high school radio stations.

 For the past 40 years, the staff and broadcast students of WSHR worked very hard to service the local community with everything from music to broadcasting live high school sporting events. The continued love and support from our school administration, Sachem community, loyal listeners, and alumni is what keeps WSHR on the air. The mission of our school radio station is simple, and remains the same, even after 40 years of change. We will continue to provide a unique learning environment for the student’s of Sachem while serving in the interest of our community.

Growing from a simple 10 watt station to a now booming 6,000 watts of power. The future voices of our broadcasting industry can be heard on 91.9 WSHR – The Arrow.

The studios are located at both Sachem High School East, and Sachem High School North. WSHR can be heard throughout Suffolk County, parts of Nassau County and the Southern most part of Connecticut.